AACK! Antidotes for Angry Mothering

Sane MotheringHave you ever felt exasperation as a mom? We all do at times.

Mothering isn’t just a bowl of cherries; it is also a string of opportunities for us to learn how to master the experience of feeling.

When we feel like AACK! is an all too common feeling, we have an important decision to make: continue feeling like high amounts of stress are an inevitable piece of our mothering experience or choose to dig a little deeper and discover some solutions.

The feelings we feel are actually gifts — even anger, rage and discontent. I invite you to learn more about what your feelings are communicating and how you can transition the feeling of AACK! into an experience of Acceptance, Appreciation, Connection and Kindness.

AACK! is a series of parent-to-parent audios aimed to help transform exasperation into compassionate action. The AACK! insights were recorded in-the-midst-of-family life so you also get to hear from a couple of my little ones along the way.

Transitioning anger is possible and it starts with meeting feelings in the moment and learning new ways to respond to situations we find stressful. Mothering provides plenty of practice and as we gradually move from reacting in old ways, we discover the inner strength to bring about the changes we desire in our family and life.

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